Our Mission

To provide an improved solution to every life challenge.

Improved Solutions LLC is all about helping our clients find peace of mind and to develop themselves. We deliver various different programs through our business, in the form of professional services and holistic training. We believe that it’s important that you take the time that you need to look after yourself and to build a more reliable and helpful tomorrow.

To do that though, you need to know more about where you want to be in life. If you are looking to work with a service that can make sure you come out the other end a better person, then you will find all the help that you could need waiting for you here at Improved Solutions.

Our Core Values

  • To develop a positive process, designed to suit the agenda and specific needs of each individual client
  • To establish an interactive relationship between coach and client, based on the full commitment of both parties
  • To motivate and facilitate clients to achieve their true potential and bring positive changes in their lives through the setting and achieving of self-defined goals
  • To operate on the premise that all clients are creative and resourceful individuals with the ability and potential to express and define their own solutions
  • To establish a partnership that challenges clients to recognize and build on their strengths, explore their current reality, and find positive ways to make changes and move forward
  • To be an instrument in helping every client to develop a fresh perspective on every situation they are facing, supporting them to explore a range of options
  • To maintain the highest level of integrity and offer unbiased opinion to every client, regardless of gender, ethnic, social, or religious background

About Dr. Jeff C. Innocent

He is a master life coach, motivational speaker, author, certified credit consultant and entrepreneur. Being a certified master life coach enables him to be a dynamic leadership trainer. He holds a bachelor's degree in Bible and theology, a master’s in leadership, and a doctorate in theology.

In addition to coaching, he pastors Grace & Glory Int'l Church in Atlanta, GA. He hosts “Morning Glory” on Periscope and Facebook, a daily motivational and inspirational program imparting valuable encouragement and motivation to countless lives around the globe.

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